Therapy Garden at Orlando Health

Aug 10 2015

Gardening is a proven, great stress relief, and is now helping in the care and repatriation of patients recovering from surgery, stroke and mental health issues. planters are proving popular in assisting these types of treatments and recovery, in both physical and mental health patients.

Vertical gardens are often used as they provide easy access to those who cannot bend easily or are in a wheelchair.

Whilst tables can be used with containers or pallet boxes, they are often difficult for people in wheel chair or the elderly to access completely.

However a vertical garden can be constructed at a height that is suitable for easy access and with little depth the full garden can easily be used.

The patients love being able to garden even though they may have restricted movements.

The planter is very successful as its patented design allows for "flow through watering" which makes the system highly efficient.

The system also allows for high levels of produce being created, with up to a 40% greater yield being achieved, in contrast to plants grown in soil.

Weeds are also reduced due to the design and high plant coverage that the system encourages. LLC is a privately held business, supplying simple easy to use vertical garden planters ideal for home, commercial and hydroponics.Visit

Well done Dawn and Gomez Constructions.