Wallgarden Features on Reality Renovation Series 'The Block'

Oct 22 2014

Australia's favourite reality renovation series 'The Block' returns soon to our screens and is set to feature the Wallgarden product.

Over a period of ten to twelve weeks contestants on 'The Block' will compete against one another to turn old run down properties into the most sought after homes. Recognising the brilliance of the Wallgarden, one couple has included it within their renovation plans in a bid to win the $100,000 prize.

The Wallgarden product is a decorative piece which transforms any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing garden. Unlike any other vertical garden systems the Wallgarden allows you to grow a vast number of plant varieties including foliage, flowers, and even herbs and vegetables too. Our philosophy here at Wallgarden is that if it can grow in a pot, it can grow in a green wall and so in some cases it literally is good enough to eat!

As the contestants will demonstrate throughout the series there are many advantages to choosing Wallgarden. Firstly, even for those with little DIY experience it is extremely easy to install. Your Wallgarden will come complete with a step by step guide of instructions and there are no complicated clips or additional pieces required. All you need is an ordinary screwdriver and drill and your vertical garden will be set up within minutes.

Secondly, once your Wallgarden is in place the plants will grow naturally upwards and so it will grow fuller and healthier for longer. The Wallgarden system does not use bags which are likely to cause odour and reduce plant life, making them more reliable than any other competitor product.

Whilst you may expect this to increase the price of our product, the Wallgarden can be purchased for less than half the cost of any other vertical garden on the market. Like the contestants on 'The Block' if you choose Wallgarden you'll receive more for your money and have plenty leftover to spend on improving the rest of your home.

What's truly wonderful about the Wallgarden is that it can find a home anywhere, regardless of whether you have an abundance of space or a more modest room. Wherever there's a spare wall there's a Wallgarden waiting to be fitted!

This season of 'The Block' is set to be the most interesting yet as for the first time ever, contestants will be planning their apartments from scratch. Show producers have taken what was once an old theatre in Melbourne's Albert Park and turned it into a vacant shell which will soon be filled with four three-bedroom, three-bathroom loft style apartments. Be sure to watch in the coming weeks to observe how the contestants get on with fitting their own Wallgardens into their new apartments. We have a feeling they're onto a winner!