Garden Centers

Our research has shown that adding products to your garden center range increases sales and bottom line profitability.

With each sale of planters, box of six, you’ll make a great margin on the product, but there’s more. You can add extra value with plants, good quality potting mix, an irrigation system and even offer installation.

Plus customers love their vertical gardens; often extending and replanting, giving you a new long term customer.

Box of 6 Vertical Garden USA planters for garden centers.

So why should you choose planters?

It was recently voted the Best 2015 Affordable Outdoor Vertical Garden Kit by an online vertical garden blog.

Your customers will love our system. It is easy to install, maintain and achieves great results for anyone from DIY customers, to contractors and professionals. Our customers have completed huge vertical gardens including a 27’ wide x 75’ high wall in Jamaica, however our best result are from our DIY customers who love the ease and beauty our product creates.

Our system is supplied in a “self-sell” carton of 6 planters, just perfect for starting a living wall. The carton and individual products are barcoded ready for your POS system.

Our products are sold through garden centers, who stock and support our products. These garden centers have been selected to ensure they have keen, knowledgeable and enthusiastic people. We want our customers to get the support and assistance that they need.

Want to know more? Use our contact form or email and let us work together with you to achieve great gardens.