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Helpful information and tips from our vertical garden & living wall experts.

Our living wall planters need little maintenance, but we do suggest a quick wipe with a damp cloth along the bottom of each planter. This will remove the dried salts and nutrients that have accumulated at the excess water drains. This is perfectly fine to leave, but it does help to keep the planters clean.

Plants in your living wall system will need watering and nutrients as required, we suggest a good quality potting mix. This will hold a large quantity of moisture and nutrients allowing for sustained plant growth.

Plants will require pruning, trimming and maintenance as per normal container plants.

You should notice almost no weeds in your living wall system and any should be quickly removed.

We also recommend the use of a good quality liquid fertiliser to be used in accordance with its instructions. This will keep plants in your vertical garden system looking and performing well.

Organic Herbs, vegetables and small fruits can be easily grown with our vertical garden kit, so be careful about your fertilisers and do not use anything other than organic chemicals.

You may also find worms in your system, well done they are great at assisting with the breakdown of plant material into nutrients. Excess worms can easily be removed and placed in the garden.

We do recommend if you are planting vegetables or small fruits you also plant some flower near or in the system to encourage bees for pollination. Visit our Pinterest site (insert Pinterest logo and link) for companion planting and how to grow plant information.

Plants that have been in the living wall planters for some time may become root bound. This is easy to handle and will just require a root prune and re-potting.

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