What is a Vertical Garden?

A vertical garden, also referred to as a wall garden or living wall is a method of growing plants in a vertical fashion.

It involves the use of specially designed planters to provide growing medium, nutrients and water for plant growth. These are just like containers and pot plants, but vertical. A variety of different plants can be grown in a vertical garden, assuming that they all receive sufficient light, water, and nutrients.

Vertical gardens are capable of being grown indoors and outdoors. Planters are very affordable and make it one of the most affordable means of gardening.

The plants are capable of filtering the air, and producing a significant amount of insulation, making it a more environmentally advantageous garden option to explore.

Vertical gardens have been around for centuries and are featured on walls all over the world.

They can be established on any type of wall or fence that is capable of bearing the necessary weight load.

More landscape designers than ever before are offering architectural designs for vertical gardens and there are plenty of tutorials to provide you with everything that you need to know about a DIY installation. See our plan, install & grow pages to learn more about what type of system to create, the installation, what plants to grow, and much more, so that you can create a beautiful garden that works well based upon your environment.

A colorful vertical garden with flowers.