Planning your vertical garden

Please compare the cost to coverage, Vertical Garden is the lowest cost by far, as you can see, it takes approximately 6 VerticalGarden units to cover 12.2 sq feet.

Vertical Garden Sizes

When spacing side to side you can plant towards the ends, then separate the units by up to 4", giving full plant coverage!

Spacings between the VerticalGarden modules are 2". Space further apart for taller plants.

Each unit measures 23¾” wide, 9” high, 7½” deep. Hanging hole centers are 18”.

Seven Units 85"
Eight Units 96"
More than 8 Units add 11" for 9, add another 11" for 10 etc.

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Calculate your requirements

Enter the dimensions of your vertical space in inches to calculate the number of planters you require.

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