Vertical Garden Plant Species Guide

Vertical Garden has designed a system to grow plants more naturally. Unlike other vertical garden systems, you can grow a huge number of plant varieties. Now, if it grows in a pot, it can grow in a vertical garden and if you’re thinking of an edible vertical garden, our Vertical Gardens system loves nearly all herbs and vegetables too!

Check out our species guide below for inspiration when creating your new vertical garden! If you have some plants suggestions you think would look good on our list, drop us a line.

This guide was kindly provided by Keri Algar. For a full plant guide and further information, please see

Plant selection

Plant selection is easy as plant grow is limited by temperature and sunlight hours, we have put together an easy selection guide to help you. Most garden centers will know the best plants for you, but here’s our top selections.

  1. Does my area have cold (below 5°F) or warm winter (greater than 5°F)?
  2. Does my wall face?
    1. South or West with sunshine.
    2. North or East with part shade.

Plant Selector

Use the plant selector to select the plants you want to grow.