About Us

VerticalgardenUSA.com LLC is a privately held business, registered in Nevada, focusing on the vertical living wall market in the USA, Canada and South America.

The Team

Stephen Collis

Stephen Collis our President, CEO and inventor of VerticalgardenUSA.com system. “This system comes from years of trying to perfect a vertical garden. I know because I am an avid gardener with a small courtyard. I tried the products that were available and they just didn’t work.”

Stephen Collis, president , CEO and inventor of Vertical Garden USA.

Anthony Long

Anthony Long our VP of Sales, has over 25 years of experiences in providing products and solutions to the outdoor beautification market. “I liked the system so much I just had to partner with Stephen to launch this product in the US Market.” “Our customers love the product”.

Anthony Long, VP of Sales.

The VertitcalgardenUSA.com. LLC planter is protected by US patent.

VerticalgardenUSA.com LLC products are available at www.verticalgardenusa.com

Happy vertical gardening!