Why VerticalGardenUSA.com?

Are you a lover of GARDENS or general GREENERY? Is the lack of horizontal space hindering you from growing the vegetables, herbs or any other plant varieties you like? Or perhaps you just want to make your wall, fence, balcony or courtyard naturally radiant? Well, here is what you need!

VerticalgardenUSA.com LLC. offers you the opportunity to grow a natural VERTICAL LIVING WALL in your home. Our wall is easy to put up and plant, and can be customized to fit any area. You can grow delicious, fresh herbs and vegetables in any amount of vertical space you may have!

Why The VerticalGardenUSA.com Planter Provides The Best Vertical Garden, Wall Garden, and Living Wall System?

  • Plants are the feature of our vertical gardens, not the planters, so our patented design supports plant vertical growth, which allows the planter to be easily hidden.
  • Our design provides the best support for vertical plant growth providing stronger and healthier plants.
  • Suits more varieties of plants which can grow larger and longer.
  • Provides a healthy environment for edible plants and herbs.
  • The patented design is incredibly versatile with the planters being modular and interchangeable allowing customers to easily change the look of the garden.
  • Build your garden as long or tall as you want.
  • Easy DIY with everyday hardware supplies and designed for mounting on external or internal walls without causing damage to the wall structure, other than fixing.
  • Cost up to 50% less than other vertical garden systems.
  • Holds the right amount of potting mix to provide nutrients, stability and moisture to the plants throughout the day. 
  • The design provides less opportunity for weeds, ensuring that you are only growing what you want.
  • The system makes it easy for maintenance, replanting, weeding, watering and fertilizing for those who struggle to bend down to the ground.
  • VerticalgardenUSA.com planter boxes are very water efficient. You only need to water the top planter and the water will filter through to the lower planters. This minimizes mess and makes it easy to set up a watering system.
  • 100% recycled Polypropylene, and BPA Free.